Our assessment results allow you to immediately become more effective in three key areas of your social media strategy: B2B (who you partner with), B2C (who you target in converting your products or services to sales) and B2I (who you hire as an Ambassador or Influencer to expand your branding message and lead targets). Additional benefits include building targeted social media campaigns and providing blue prints to your social media teams. No more guess work. It's time for your social media strategies to grow up.

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About Us


After 20 years building corporate operational, financial and compliance blueprints to maximize resources in complex environments, Que become known for her ability to create evaluation tools and mechanisms that kept an eye on effectiveness across complex processes. Since 2012 when she became a blogger, Que has been shocked at the ambiguity and non-systematic approach in which not only brands partnered with bloggers, influencers, and other creators but also what brands expected of their social media managers.  


Our approach is centered around performing a review of how effective a brand's media activities are connected to their target demographic. Our goal is to transition the brand or organization from a focus on  social media objectives to a focus on business objectives. Our evaluation provides insights for a heightened awareness of the qualitative and quantitative factors that impact an effective social media strategy and thus, be more decisive in how companies allocate resources to reaching their real partners, customers and clients.

Why Us?

We believe social media can reach more of your targeted clients and customers with an effective strategy that is systematic,, targeted and consistent.  Social media management has based success on factors that are hard to translate to a brand's company strategy beyond the marketing team. Our assessment will give you report results that can be understood by an organization's entire leadership team. Our methodology is clear and directly connected to how you can maximize your  company's resources reaching your target audience.

Tony Robbins (Inc. Interview, 2018)

"In order to influence people, you gotta know what already influences them. The mistake we make is we don't connect enough to our target and figure out who the person (client, customer, partner) is...what most (mistakenly) do is try to influence others based on how we ourselves want to be influenced. That's a mistake."

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