Assessments for Effective Media Strategies

It's time for media to grow up. We perform assessments as a catalyst for a more systematic approach to media management. 


Basic Package

The Basic Package gives you a snapshot of up to 23 additional, targeted information categories about your media followers. Equips you to get a high level understanding of your target follower demographics. Includes our signature checklist with both your quantitative and qualitative demographic analysis for ongoing monitoring of media management effectiveness.

Growth Package

The Growth Package provides an expanded viewpoint that includes a quantitative and qualitative analysis of how effective your media posting and engagement has been for past year. Includes a complete report with recommendations of how to decrease ineffective practices, utilizing resources allocated to media in a more targeted and effective way.

Level Up Package

The Level Up Package is the ultimate package for brands that want to immediately start seeing higher levels of engagement and impact by understanding their target audience and how their media strategies can be more effective in converting their target audience in both engagement and sales. Level Up Package includes five Basic Package competitor analyses.


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